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I have been doing the job I love since 2004, before fulfilling my dream and creating "The Cabin on The Corner" I worked in the local area for 17 years.
The Cabin on the Corner provides unisex services to make everyone look and feel their most beautiful.
Lisa is here to support your vision and look at your best.
We use Wella, Pulp Riot & Moroccan oil products.

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My Salon

At The Cabin on the Corner, our goal is to create flattering, contemporary looks for our clients, specialising in versatile styles for everyday life. Whether you want the latest fashion, a timeless style or something just for a special event, The Cabin on the Corner has your answer. 

My custom purpose-built cabin is a fully insulated, perfectly equipped, tranquil and personal space. The Cabin is designed to make you relax, and unwind while we perform our magic! 

The Cabin is situated at my home address but detached from my house. 

We have our own off-road driveway which you are welcome to use during your appointment, we also have 1-step access into the Cabin making it accessible for everyone's needs. 



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